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Coins Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold Pendant, Alexander the Great Ancient Coin Authentic Rare Drachma


14k White Gold Antique Authentic Rare Bar Kochba Bronze Coin Pendant – Jerusalem

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Beautiful 14K Yellow Gold Pendant with Freedom of Zion Coin Authentic Rare Masada coin



14k Gold Masada Coin Pendant. This specially made round-shaped pendant, is set with an ancient 2000 year old Masada coin dating back to the Great Rebellion of the Jews against the Romans.
With these unique Jewish pendants, you can let your imagination run loose, picturing how this specific coin was in use in those times, what hands held them and more. The coin is inscribed in ancient Hebrew and reads ”the Freedom of Zion” on the one side and ”year three” on the other. This coin was minted during the third year of the Great Revolt and the insciption reflects the rebels’ desire for Jerusalem to be freed. The coin has amazingly survived 2,000 years add can now be a part of your jewelry collection.
This rare pendant features a mixture of the past and the present,
Certificate of authenticity available.

Please note: Due to the authentic and
Metal: Yellow Gold

Metal Purity: 14K
Dimensions: 23mm 0.90 inch

Catalog code: david-42

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